Timesheets made easy with our online form

Learn Together Cymru have a new option for you to send us your timesheets – an online form. We’re still very happy to receive them in the usual ways, but choice is never a bad thing!

To fill in your timesheet online, click here

We’re always trying to make the admin that our volunteers do a bit easier (we know it’s not the best bit about volunteering) and we overhauled the paper version at the beginning of the year – it’s here if you’d like to download a copy.

We added a post explaining our timesheets – do take a look if you’ve not seen it already:

Timesheets explained (and made simpler)

If you’re having any problems with the online form, do let me know by emailing¬† rebekah.sharpe@volunteeringmatters.org.uk , sending a message on here to @rebekahltc or by leaving a comment below.

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