Free Online Child Protection Training

We have been developing our Child Protection training resources and have been fortunate to have permission from North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Board to share their FREE e-learning child safeguarding training.

To access the free training, you first have to register at  Then, using the username you registered with, and the password they emailed to you, you then log in at at click on the ‘course request’ and select An Introduction to Safeguarding Children – NAR.

Please do log on and take the training when you have half an hour to spare.  It’s an excellent resource and we hope it will make you feel clearer about every member of the public’s duty to report child protection issues.

Please note, however, that in the case of all Learn Together Cymru/ RSVP volunteers in schools, it is the schools’ own Child Protection policy you should refer to for guidance and that if you ever did need to report an issue, it should be to the class teacher, school child protection officer or head teacher.

Please also note that the training is quite technical in parts in terms of the language it uses, but be reassured – you don’t need to be an expert in child safety acronyms! We want only to provide you all with a refresher about when and what and why to report, and to remind you, if you don’t know already, to whom you should report any issues within your school.

If any of you are unable to access your school’s own child protection policy, or if you no longer have your copy of the Volunteering Matters/CSV policy, please contact your local area coordinator or Sharon Edge, our administrator, in the Cardiff office on 02920 464 004.

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