Timesheets explained (and made simpler)

We know that time sheets and other bits of paperwork aren’t the reason that you signed up to be a volunteer…

We know that what motivates you is making a difference in your volunteering. But we also need to be able to show that you’ve made that difference. That’s where time sheets come in – they help us to show Big Lottery that their money is being spent well and that you, our volunteers, are making the big impact with the children that you see through your volunteering.

So, with that in mind, we’ve tried to make things a little simpler, and we thought it might help to talk through our time sheets with you….

We ask for time sheets 3 times per year, at the end of every term, so that we can keep track of how many children and young people have benefitted from Learn Together Cymru; and how many hours of volunteering schools have had; alongside some space for you and the school to tell us anything else that you think we might like to know.

The new time sheet can be downloaded here, and if you don’t want to work on a Word document, we have an online form that you can fill in ‘submit’ at the end of every term – here (Welsh version coming soon).

What’s changed?

Top part of our timesheet

The top is the same as before – we just need your details and that of your school. The only thing that might puzzle you is ‘I use Pori Drwy Stori resources‘ – these are resources provided by BookTrust Cymru, for reception-aged children. If you are with a reception/derbyn class, and don’t know about Pori Drwy Stori you can find out more here (they are wonderful resources, and we thoroughly recommend them!)

The bottom is a little different…

Bottom part of the timesheet

…we now don’t ask you to note down the initials (or other identifier) of each pupil every week. Instead, we now ask that you count the pupil the first time you see them only. We need to try and capture the total number of children that our volunteers see (we have a target of 21,000 over 3 years), and we need to make sure we don’t count them more than once.

For those volunteers who work with an entire class, this should be simple – just tell us the number of children in that class (do let us know if they’ve been included in previous timesheets). For those volunteers who see a range of pupils – count them in the first instance, and then just count any new faces that you see throughout the term. When the next term comes around, we just need the pupils that haven’t been recorded before (it’s ok if it’s ‘0’ – we’ll know that you’ve counted them before!).

The back page is the same as before, with space for you to write anything that you feel about the difference your volunteering has made to either you, or the children in the school. Alongside that, there’s space for your class teacher or school contact to do the same. These comments are absolute gold for us, as they enable us to capture the ‘unmeasurable’ things and we sometimes use these to pick out what might be interesting case studies.

As always, the Learn Together Cymru team are happy to talk you through this if you’d like us to – just give us a call, send us a message or comment below.

I hope that’s helped unmuddy the waters and make it a bit clearer about why we remind you about timesheets – they’re really important and we hope, a bit simper than before!



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